Custom Hay & Cornstalk Grinding

Howard Hay Company started grinding hay for farmers in Central Nebraska with a 4020 John Deere Tractor and a small Farmhand Tub Grinder in 1967.  V.C. Howard's business continued to grow as the years went by until present day.  V.C. Howard Hay Co. uses state of the art equipment to grind your hay in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  We pride ourselves in using well maintained Commercial Haybuster Grinders and well trained professional operators to get the job done.

Custom Hauling

Howard Hay can custom grind and haul your alfalfa and hay products as well as corn stalks. We do onsite jobs for your convenience. We have live bottom floor trailers to haul your ground hay.

Buying & Selling Hay & Cornstalks


Howard Hay is currently buying and selling last years and new crop feedlot quality alfalfa and corn stalk products.

Repair Shop

Howard Hay Company has a state of the art repair shop for our own equipment and also the customer. We are very meticulous and professional about our equipment being well maintained and in safe tip top working condition.  We also provide general maintenance and repair for the customer.  We do maintenance and repair along with tire repair and sales offering a large line of tires.  Various other services include our welding shop, air conditioning and DOT inspections to name a few.  Our professional and courteous staff are here to serve you the customer!

Corn Grinding & Packing
Silage Packing

Silage Packing


Howard Hay can provide you with all your silage packing needs.  We have 16 industrial dozers to service not only the large commercial feedlot but also the small cattle feeders.

High Moisture Corn Grinding and Packing


Since 1993, Howard Hay Company has built a complete start to finish Corn Grinding and packing operation.  In 1993 we began with a 200,000 bushels project in central Nebraska using one grinder and one rented tractor. Today we grind and pack upwards of 15,000,000 bushels during harvest season for feedlots through out Nebraska.  Today we currently operate 7 hammer mills and 16 John Deere industrial dozers and drags.  There is no job too big nor too small for our operation.














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